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Well hello, gorgeous! 😊
We are super excited that you're on this page. So - who, what, where, why???

DRAGIČKA.COM - Let your inner Queen shine!

Dragička in front of you is how we imagine modern Ms. Dragička – this fine lady, a social figure, a witty artistic soul, who is incredibly fun, effortlessly unique, fiercely confident, and always, always genuinely kind.

Oh, and she's a Drag Queen! But you already saw that one coming 😊 Living in the heart of Europe, but always on the go - from the magical streets of Prague, any European city is just a friendly call away. 💜

A one-stop shop for everyone creating art and blurring the gender line.

Dragič website is created as a place to shop & splurge, learn & discover, find inspiration and - have fun.

While browsing our whimsical world of creativity, we want you to know: with every web page, product, or blurb - we celebrate You! 🤗

Dragicka logo woman face with letter D

We believe that drag, in its higher form, is the art of performance, combining all known arts into one final masterpiece. It’s hairstyle and makeup art, it’s fashion and handicraft, it’s dance and singing, it’s storytelling and criticism, it’s cultural participation, and it can constantly be re-defined.

With so many creative outlets intertwined, drag is a super-fun & rewarding art to create & enjoy! And anyone who feels like it should be able to join in. Glitter lip for brunch? Why not! Purple big hair for a dentist appointment? Yes please! Opera gown for a dog walk? We love it! And we love it no matter if you’re a boy or a girl or a unicorn or somewhere between - it’s your authentic drag & your own beautiful art of life! With our online store, we’re bringing all the essentials closer to anyone interested in the art of drag, while promoting diversity, sharing knowledge, and having fun.

Our mission is to support you every step of your way:
- To be fearless,
- To be your best, &
- To live your dream.
Because no matter who you are, there is a beautiful and fearless Queen inside each of us.

We’re doing our part to help you let your inner Queen shine! ✨



Dragička Makeup is a beauty brand for all genders, identities, expressions, sexualities, abilities, ethnicities, shapes & sizes. Yes, indeed!

We believe that anyone feeling curious and creative enough should be allowed to play with makeup. Why? Well, why not? 😋

In the world of drag, makeup is a necessity - it's the essential part and the art piece of a successful illusion. This is why we decided that the first line of our own products will be Dragička makeup. 💄

We carefully selected manufacturers (who have years of experience 🧙‍♂️ and use the latest technology 🔬) who can meet the high standards of performance and illusion arts - combined.

From a trustworthy ever-lasting foundation, to super-pigmented eyeshadows and indestructible lipsticks, to magic snap-on eyelashes - Dragička has it all!

We are continuously innovating and expanding our offer, so be sure to come back often, or sign up for our newsletter - it's free!



1: expression used to build up joy & excitement, when about to share the awesome news with someone dear


Dragička plans to expand from the world of makeup into other product lines - from outfits to wigs, accessories, footwear & jewelry. Until that happens, stay tuned and remember to let your inner Queen shine!

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