Diamond logo for Jewels program

What's a Queen without her jewels, right? And, as if Ms. Monroe would lie in her song about diamonds being a girl's best friend, ha?

This is why Dragička is rewarding your loyalty like royalty!

Jewels program is a loyalty & referral system set in place to make your shopping experience even more fun & rewarding.

Joining the program and enjoying the perks is super easy!


Jewels Loyalty program - your royal stash!

How to participate:

Create a profile on our site - that's all, you're set!

While you'll be able to collect Jewels for purchases even without a profile, you won't be able to spend them (or collect them for other activities) until you create a profile.

Now keep collecting your jewels and decide how you want to redeem them!

Tip: Don't forget to add your birthday to both your website profile and the Jewels panel.

How to collect Jewels:

There are many ways Dragička rewards the loyalty of our royal family members:

  1. By shopping - Every time you purchase something on our webshop, you get 5 jewels to your account for each euro spent. Jewels are automatically added and yes, it's easy like that! (1€ = 5 jewels)

  2. On your birthday! - You will get 200 jewels on your special day, because we celebrate you!

  3. For showing us love on Facebook - If you like our page on Facebook (a super easy thing to do) you get 50 jewels instantly!

  4. For joining our Insta community - If you follow us on Instagram (what you waiting for??) you get another 50 jewels right away!

Note that you'd need to be a Jewels program member for at least 1 month before your birth date.

If you join later than that, you'll have to wait for a full year of life experiences to get your Birthday jewels!

How to use your Jewels:

Easy as you earn them, of course! Every 100 Jewels are worth 1€ off of your total purchase. This means that if, for example, you redeem 500 Jewels, you'll get a 5€ discount.

Once you decide you want to spend your Jewels, there are 3 easy steps to follow:

  1. Go into the Jewels panel in the left bottom corner and click Redeem button next to Jewels amount

  2. Select the number of Jewels you want to spend

  3. Click on Redeem button, and you'll get a discount code which will be applied to your next purchase!

Jewels are valid for 365 days from the day you earn them. If you don't make any purchases for a year, they will expire.

We'll send you an e-mail reminder on time, so you don't miss the expiration date!

Jewels Referral program - sharing is caring!

How to participate:

Give your friends 10€ off their first makeup purchase and get yourself 10€ for each successful referral. How's that for a win-win?

How to refer a friend:

Go to your Jewels panel and scroll down to get to your unique referral link. (You need to log in to your account to make referrals.)

Then refer as many friends as you like via Facebook, e-mail, or text them a link!

Friends have 6 months to use their unique coupon code in our store, even without creating an account. They have a purchase minimum of 40€ in makeup, to use their $10 reward.

Friends receive their coupon code after clicking their link. The code generates after they enter the e-mail address on a pop-up on our website! Easy peasy.

How to get your reward:

Super easy! Once one of your friends makes a purchase with their unique coupon code on our website, you will immediately receive an e-mail with your unique coupon code, to use on any makeup purchase over 40 on our website.

Any questions?
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