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How to apply lipstick for a perfect Matte Pout

Matte lips are trendy and eye-catching, so here is how to get that perfect lipline every time! Apply matte lipstick in 6 easy steps >>>

Matte Lipstick on african model mouth

Not all trends are such powerful statements like beautiful velvet lips. There is no shine, just pigment - in a clean shape.

Matte lips are not attractive per se, but they're attention-grabbing and mysterious. And very, very lasting. So, if you have a meeting near the end of the workday, or you just want to look your best all night through the next morning - you won’t have to worry whether your matte lipstick moved or leaked into the fine mouthlines. It didn’t. 💁‍♀️

Matte formulas are a bit trickier to apply than regular lipstick or lip gloss. A bit trickier doesn’t mean impossible; it just requires more patience and attention to detail. So listen up! 📢

How to apply matte lipstick - in 6 easy steps

Bold lips require confidence! Confidence comes when you know you’re doing things the right way. Allow yourself a few minutes for lips, and you'll earn perfect matte lip all day long. Or night. So here is how to apply matte lipstick perfectly:

1. Get rid of dead skin

Matte lipstick grips onto dead skin on lips, and that’s never flattering. Any dry spot will affect the even application of the lipstick, so it’s kinda crucial to smooth the skin of your lips with a lip scrub. You can find many in your drugstore, but you can also make sweet one in your kitchen by mixing brown sugar with honey. Give your lips a gentle rub, and they will smile back. 👄

2. Hydrate

Water is essential for life and also for beauty. Once your lips are smooth after the scrub, revive them with a hydrating lip balm. If you’re having doubts about which lip balm is hydrating, you can’t go wrong with wax-based, but you can bet petroleum jelly will work like a charm. It would be best to leave lips for a few minutes to soak moisture, so make them the last step in your makeup routine.

3. Prep

No lips can look good if the lipstick finds its way through little lines around our mouth. One of the ways to prevent leakage is to prime the lips. Just swipe primer on your lips and give it a couple of minutes to be dry and tacky. Primer will ensure your lipstick is even and stays in place, so you won’t have to check after every sip or bite.

4. Shape

Defined lips are more flattering and polished. Grab a lipliner that matches your lipstick of choice and outline the lips. Make sure the liner is sharp!

If you are super happy with your lips size, go to the next step. But if you’d like them better if they were a bit bigger – a lipliner is the friend you need. And a friend in need is a friend indeed! 😉

A safe way to start is to overline the cupid’s bow and the center of the bottom lip, as it gives a perfect pout effect with little effort. Once you become more comfortable and confident, start practicing overlining whole lips and remember that the youngest self-made billionaire started exactly there. 😎

5. Fill

Finally, a lipstick moment! Matte lipsticks are known for their beloved pigment but try to keep it on your lips as it will stain your skin. Short strokes will allow you more precision and even coating. Start at cupid’s bow and work towards the ends of the lips. The same logic applies to the bottom lip – start at the center and move to the ends.

It feels intuitive to rub lips together to blend the color, but it doesn’t play out like that; quite the opposite – rubbing lips can lead to smeared, uneven color. It’s better to use the finger to blend the color or to blot lips with a tissue to remove the extra product. Leave your mouth open for a bit to have the lipstick dry on its own.

6. Perfect

If you notice your lips are not super perfect, there are a few ways to make them so. But whatever you do – do not rub off any lipstick dot outside your lips, you'll never win. Instead, use a narrow brush or precision-tip cotton swab dipped in makeup remover or micellar water, and clean off mistakes. Reapply concealer around the mouth if you removed any of your base.

Matte Lipstick on african model mouth

Dragička's Tips to perfectly apply matte lipstick:

  1. If you choose to overline your lips, try it with a lipliner in the shade or two darker than your skin tone. It will create a shadow illusion and pout y