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Makeup and/vs. Skincare

Subtle differences between male and female skin sometimes do matter when it comes to skincare. Still, makeup is unisex fun meant for anyone!

Oh, the dreaded morning reflection – we've all been there. A new wrinkle? Shyly landing.

A new pimple? Slowly stepping up. Dark spot? Of course, right under the eye.

So, in any of these, or similar, cases – Are you a prepare & prevent or patch & paint type?

Let's find out.

Skin is our biggest organ, and as an external one – it’s a mirror of our internal state.

We all know that doctors often check our skin for signs of an illness or infection, and that's a very smart feature there. But, our skin will also proudly broadcast everything else to the world - if we are happy, embarrassed, suffer from insomnia, or have had too much sugar lately. Not to mention if we had too much fun last night – there's no hiding the joy! 🤣

Funny meme of a woman morning after party

Skin is affected not only by genetics and lifestyle but also by many external aspects like sun exposure or air pollution. Luckily, 21st-century skincare products solve many skin issues we experience and makeup…

Well, makeup is there to make up for what we lack – an even tone, rosy cheeks, or big lips; and also - to enhance our best features or shift our appearance entirely. 💁‍♂️

We're talking about the differences in male and female skin and how skincare and makeup intertwine. Get your favorite face mask tightly on, and read up! 🤩

Skin Gender Battle

Male skin somehow always looks better… up to a point.

Among other factors, skin varies depending on sex as well. Male skin (on the entire body, not just the face) - has some features that are different from female skin. These differences are not biological but more physiological – in the “mechanics" of how the skin works on a molecular and cellular level.

In simple terms, because males have more of the male hormone – testosterone, it gives a different structure to male skin, making it thicker, oilier, and differently aging.

A man shaving his beard in the bathroom, with a female version in his mirror reflection.

Male skin is 20% thicker than female skin; it has more collagen and a tighter, firmer appearance. Men also have more active oil-producing (sebaceous) glands and, therefore, more pores than women. Not only do they have more – both glands and pores are also larger in male skin. Due to this structural setup, aging signs appear later in male skin. 😏

On the other side – once these changes start happening, they do occur more quickly than in female skin.

Men would also practice shaving, very often, and… that baby butt smooth face? Comes with a cost. Constant shaving makes male skin way more stressed than female skin. Shaving removes some of that thin top layer of skin cells every time, making the skin more sensitive to many external factors.

Transgender & Skincare

It's a unique journey for each person, and being in control is the key.